Tee Spotter Weekly – First Episode!

As some of you may or may not know, earlier this week was the launch of a huge project of mine. I’ve been wanting to change Tee Spotter into a show for quite some time now and I finally did it! The first episode is live right now and there will be a new one every Tuesday. Please take a look and tell me what you think! The current episode and all future episodes can be found on the official Tee Spotter YouTube Channel.

But instead of talking about the show itself like I have for pretty much the entire week, I want to share what it was like for me as a blogger to make such a huge change like this and what it will mean for the future of this site.

At first I was extremely intimidated by the idea because I didn’t know much about filming or editing or even getting in front of a camera. All I really knew is that I wanted to make this happen. So over the course of a few months I did tons of planning and finally I decided to just go for it. I got my co-host Alyssa to join forces with me and we created what turned out to be a pretty good first episode(we think?). Lots of improvements are in the works, both for producing and for the actual content.

We film everything on my Nexus 4 right now, which for what it is, works really well. The quality is great and the audio isn’t bad either. But it does make it difficult, not having the proper equipment like a tripod or an actual video camera is a huge road block right now. We have to wedge my phone in between two books in order to film. So our next step is to upgrade our filming/recording equipment. In addition to that, we are making some flashy graphics to add into the episodes so that things look more professional, there will be a beginning and ending slate instead as well as a slide in between segments.

As for the actual content, that is getting better too! We have tons of ideas for new segments and how to make them better. We have plans to arrange interviews with brand owners and we want to do lots of other cool stuff too, but in order to really make this show something you guys like, we need your opinions! What do you want to see? Tell us and we can make it happen!

So what does this mean for this website?

Originally I planned on upgrading this site first, and starting the show second. But it ended up happening the other way around. Basically what’s going to happen is Tee Spotter will still exist as a blog, but I will be rebuilding the site in the near future to better suit the new video format of the “posts”.  I will still be writing articles, but they’ll be different. They’ll mostly be focusing on advice on running a clothing line, sort of like my how to choose a t-shirt blank post and the difference between screen printing and DTG one. These are the articles that have always gotten the most attention so I want to make those better, and more of them and leave the tee news for the show.

I hope you guys all enjoy the new format and please please please give me your feedback on the Tee Spotter Weekly show! If you want your brand featured in the show then please contact me through email and we’ll get you into an episode as soon as possible =)


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