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I’m always looking for new and upcoming indie brands(and old ones with new lines coming out!) to feature on Tee Spotter.  I made this blog to get some buzz going for the little guys who can’t get the attention of the bigger blogs out there and also as an outlet for people looking to snatch up some new tees.

Recently, I have switched over from writing posts that feature brands to a weekly webseries that covers all kinds of tee news. You can see the episodes on the Tee Spotter Weekly YouTube Channel. I will still be writing new posts, but they will be less often and will be geared more towards giving advice to brand owners rather than promoting them.

So if you’d like your brand featured or reviewed on the show, please get in touch with me at and I’d be happy to set something up with you.  I also enjoy doing interviews so if that sounds like something you’d like to do let me know.

Before anything else, my name is Jen, please call me that.  Don’t call me Tee Spotter, dude, bro, man, or hey you.  Thank you =)

Please remember, I get a lot of emails from brands who want featured, I promise I read every single email I get, but I may not reply right away.  This is no disrespect to you, I just want to have a life outside of answering emails =) Alternatively, you can also get in touch with me on Twitter or Facebook, here are the links:

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