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Loud Silence Review

A while back I did a feature on a Kickstarter project started by two people with a strong love for music, they were trying to fund the start up for their new brand, called Loud Silence.  Read the article now if you missed it before, it explains more about the brands message and mission.  They have since launched their line and I’m blown away with how good everything turned out for this new indie line.  They put out 6 shirts which is really good for a start up launch, 3 of the shirts are their logo in different colorways, and that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.  Lets get on with it!

I have the white version of their “Signature Tee”.  The logo itself is awesome, it speaks for the brand and its really clean. With that said, it’s kind of had to judge the print on a one color design with no shading or anything because honestly if you find a printer who can mess that up they should be out of business.  You can feel the print on the shirt, so it’s not waterbased or anything, but it isn’t overly rough or too thick or anything it’s actually pretty good, it’ll most likely soften up after a wash or two.  The shirt itself, I’m not sure if its American Apparel or what it is, but it doesn’t feel quite as soft as your typical ringspun cotton shirt.  Maybe its a Gildan or Alstyle? Don’t quote me because I’m not sure on this one, their website says they’re ringspun cotton so I’m gonna go with that.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by tri-blends lately haha

Plus factors on this shirt include a screen printed neck tag, a woven hem tag and a small logo print on the back of the shirt.  I’m not sure if the back print is needed on this shirt since the logo is already on the front, but I suppose if someone is behind you they’ll see the logo still.  It’s surprising to see a start up brand doing all of these extras with their first launch, a lot of other brands rush to get their line out there and then add the extras later on when it fits into their budget better.  But hey if you can afford it from the get go, go for it because these things, though small, add a lot to the presentation and overall quality of the shirts.

There were quite a few extras included in with the shirt, a post card with a short description of the brand, which is a GREAT idea I might add.  There was also a business card, a sticker and button, a wristband and a note thanking me for my support.  I don’t know if they give this stuff to everyone, but that’s a ton of extras that I wasn’t expecting which is good because customers love to find free stuff in with their order.

All in all I’m loving this release from Loud Silence and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next time.  I know there are a few other brands out there already based around music, and they got a bad rep for it from the Mintees crowd, but to be honest, how many brands are out there just slapping boring text on shirts and selling them? Tons…there are only a few music brands that I know of and Loud Silence is one of the better.  I say get over to their store now and support them!

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Cavata Clothing Co. Review

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Cavata Clothing Co. is doing awesome things for schools everywhere, they donate part of their profits towards getting music and art back into schools for those young creative minds to feast on.  How awesome is that?  Now, I’m not going to go too far into detail about this brand because I’ve featured them before, you can brush up on that article if you’d like.  I’m going to focus on the products of this charitable clothing line today.

Cavata was nice enough to send over a fresh tee and a beanie for me to check out, and I must say I’m pretty impressed.  Their packaging is simple but really does the trick, the both items came wrapped up tight in tissue paper with a sticker for closure.  Great way to keep costs down and look classy at the same time.
Cavata PackagingThe tee inside is just as classy, printed on American Apparel as far as I can tell.  The print is super duper soft, you can hardly feel it.  Size and fit are perfect, I give it an A++!  To be honest I didn’t expect the tee to be this nice of quality, sometimes when you come across brands who donate portions of their profits the quality is lower so they can make up for that money.  Not here, not at Cavata, there is no cutting corners to be found here.  Nice to see =)
Cavata Tee
Plus factors are the custom printed neck label, hem tag at the bottom of the shirt, and my favorite part, the hang tag.  This hang tag is actually a ticket, like if you were headed to a big concert, there’s even a tear away stub at the end.  Very nice touch Cavata, I love it.  It goes along very well with the whole music theme.  I don’t really know why I needed to make that even more clear than it already was, but hey, it can’t hurt! =)
Cavata TagCavata Hem TagOn top of all of the plus factors included with this shirt was quite a few extras, there were stickers and a button pack that is very nicely packaged up. All very nice additions to an already perfect presentation.
Cavata Extras
All in all, Cavata Clothing Co. is doing an amazing job putting out a great product for a great price for a great cause.  Pick up a tee or two and support music in schools.  Thoughts and opinions? Leave them in a comment!

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Cavata Clothing – Pushing Music Into Schools

A lot of the clothing lines I’ve featured here are just solely clothing lines.  But Cavata Clothing Co. is one of the few that are actually associated with something other than merely clothing.  With their t-shirts aside, Cavata is about the arts, music mainly.  They donate 10% off their profits to schools around the country that need funding for their music/arts programs.

CAVATA is for people who march to “beat box” of their own drummer and we support musicians, artists and performers of all mediums from the ground up.  Colorful yet tasteful, creative yet subtle, CAVATA is for everyone who refuses to put the same record on repeat. is a place to discover new artists with music, movie, exhibit and performance reviews, promotions and recommendations you won’t find anywhere else.”

It's a Wrap

It's a Wrap

Truth is, they’re changing things, and in a good way.  When you visit the Cavata store, you’ll be greeted by a ton of products, mostly t-shirts, hence why I’m writing this today.  My favorite t-shirt design of theirs is “It’s a Wrap” which comes in both teal and purple, and also mens and womens cuts.  I featured the purple one in my By Long List of Purple Tees, so if purple is your color, get on that!

These bad boys are printed on American Apparel and Cavata offers sizes small all the way through XXX-Large.  Looking at the pictures, the print looks pretty good, it’s not shiny which is always a good sign.  They also have custom woven tags sewn into the bottom hems of their shirts, looks very professional.  I believe they might have custom printed neck labels too, but I may be wrong, I’m only going by the picture.

All in all, I love this brand, I’m looking to pick up that purple It’s a Wrap tee sometime soon.  And at the same time I’m getting an awesome shirt, someones kid will be getting better instruments for their schools band.  I feel good buying a shirt form Cavata Clothing Co., and so should you.

As always, please spread what I spot by telling everyone about this post, there are Facebook, Twitter, and I don’t even know what other buttons below that can post this for you in a few seconds.  Word of mouth is the best tool.

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Rosslyn – A Band To Watch Out For


Angry Spade attended a concert last Friday and we were fortunate enough to have a merch table next to an amazing band called Rosslyn.  I had never heard of them before, but when they took the stage I felt like I could listen to them forever.  After they played I went right to their table and bought their CD and a t-shirt.  So it only seems right that I tell as many people as I can about them and write a nice feature about them.

Rosslyn is a new and upcoming band from Pittsburgh, PA.  They have a very bright and easy to listen to type style, some would call it christian/pop punk.  I just call it awesome.  Their song ‘Point of View’ is by far my favorite song by them.  But please, don’t just take my word for it, give these boys a listen.  They do deserve the attention because with all of the local bands fighting to get noticed out there, these guys are really standing out.  You can hear some of their songs on the Rosslyn Myspace Page.  And if you like it as much as I do, their EP is available on iTunes.

I had a short conversation with one of the band members, I’m sorry to say that I cannot remember his name, but he was a very nice guy.  He apparently had heard of Angry Spade before from someone in New York.  This is great news, it makes me feel good to know that our brand is spreading out.

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