Suburban Hijinx Review

This isn’t t-shirt related, but this company is awesome and I want to give them a nice review since I think they are doing just about everything right.  Suburban Hijinx sells gauges and plugs for your ears(not your butt, as they say so themselves).  They also have a selection of t-shirts, but their main focus is jewelery, and for $5 a pair, you can’t find a better price!

Suburban had a sale not too long ago and I decided to pick up some plugs for myself.  Their packaging is pretty spiffy, they use some ultra shiny black bubble poly bags(was that too many words to describe a bag?)

I expected this to be just like any other time I buy plugs, but much to my surprise, I got all kinds of stuff!  Not only did I get my awesome, great quality plugs that I ordered all packed neatly in their own separate zip lock bags, but I also got stickers, buttons, candy, and a flyer for free! Talk about special treatment(for everyone!)

If you are looking around for plugs or tapers or anything of the sort then I suggest taking a look at Suburban Hijinx. They will not disappoint you.


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