Omerica Organic Review

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Have you ever had someone custom tailor your jewelery just right for your needs?  I didn’t think so.  But that’s exactly what Omerica Organic does with each and every order they get.  They specialize in custom made wooden plugs but they also craft all kinds of products like belt buckles and dog tags, all made of wood, of course.  Omerica strives to stay as earth friendly as possible, they plant over 700 trees a year to help replace the ones they use to make their products, they also power their entire workshop and office with WIND power.  How awesome is that?

Omerica only uses the finest of high quality woods, my personal favorite is Zebra Wood.  It’s light in color and has black stripes all through it.  I ordered a pair of zebra wood plugs from them and today I’m writing a review on them.

The amount of care and time that goes into each order amazes me, and they keep you updated 24/7 about the status of your order.  Then when I got the package I was even more happy with my experience.  Inside this(recycled paper!) mailer with their logo stamped onto it was my plugs nice and neatly closed up in a sealed plastic baggy, and also a care card telling me exactly how to care for my new organic wood plugs.  Very helpful.

The plugs themselves look even better than I thought they would, the wood grain is perfect and exactly what I wanted.  This is only my second pair of wood plugs so I was still a little bit leery of them, but they are silky smooth and they fit great, very true to size.  These are a 0g and they fit better than some of my other plugs! I’m extremely happy with what I got and will definitely be ordering from them again.

If you ears are stretched and you’re looking for something new, I suggest you give them a chance.  Plus if you use the rep code JMFROMAS you can get a whole 20% off of your first order!  Have you ever heard of Omerica, if so, what are your thoughts?  If you haven’t, then I hope you go and check them out right now at!

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  1. Always love to see organic brands, always feels great producing organic t shirts.

    • Totally agree, and most times organic products come at such an inflated price that it keeps people from buying, Omerica keeps their prices in a great area for all of their products. I’m a big fan.

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