Omerica Organic Has…Buttons?

[Use the rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your order]

Yes, they do.  Omerica Organic just added a brand new plug style which, in my opinion, is one of their coolest ideas yet.  Buttons!  But with real thread incorporated into the plug.  These are made with two different styles of wood that pair perfectly together.  You can get your hands on these for $80-90 dollars depending on the gauge you want.  But don’t forget you can get 20% off by using my personal discount code – JMFROMAS – Here’s a bit more info about these:

“Gorgeous Wild Olive buttons, adorned with red thread, and securely set in Chechen. Red string or thread holds significance in a number of cultures, we hope these bring you lots of good luck!”

So what are you waiting for? Go check these out and get yourself some well deserved new body jewelry!  It’s Omerica Organic or nothing 😉   PS- The 20% off discount works on any of the items in their store, not just these plugs.

Skeptical of ordering from a new company? No worries, read my review of Omerica Organic and see exactly the kind of service you’ll receive.

[Use the rep code JMFROMAS for 20% off of your order]

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